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Do you trust Georgian doctors? Have you ever had a health problem because of poor medical treatment?

Monday, February 20
“I partly trust the doctors and the hospitals I frequently visit because I have tried hard to select the best doctors for my children and parents. They always give us the ideal prescription relevant to our problems and I have never heard any of my family members complain either.”
Maka, Housewife, 29

“I never had a health problem because of a wrong treatment but I've heard about some cases. I'm more inclined to distrust than trust Georgian doctors because they used to send a person to five different doctors who gave 10 different instructions and finally you don’t know how to be or what to do.”
Gaioz, IT Specialist, 34

“Both my parents are doctors and I grew up surrounded by doctors. That’s why I really feel strongly about this issue. My parents didn’t work for several years because their hospitals were closed and now they are jobless; the same has happened with their friends. I can vouch for their professionalism but I have definitely heard about the fatal steps some doctors made in their career. It’s simply rude to group everyone under the same umbrella because there are good and bad sides to every coin.”
Nino, Translator, 27

“Honestly, I have never had such a serious health problem as to [require a] visit to the doctor. But I am hearing so many cases where the patients have died because of unprofessional doctors or late treatment that I am afraid I do not trust them at all.”
Sophia, student, 22

“I do not really trust them. My daughter had certain problems and they did an operation on [the wrong] organ. Then, time passed and my girl had the same problem. At last, they found out that they did the operation on a different place! I was shocked; fortunately she got well soon.”
Neli, teacher, 41

“I don't trust random doctors; whenever I have a health problem, I visit only the doctors who I know or who were recommended by my friends or relatives.”
Lali, Reporter, 21

"I don’t trust doctors, I have had problems because of bad treatment.”
Mamuka, employed, 31

“No I never had, but I know about many people who even died because of the wrong treatment in the early stage of the illness.”
Revaz, Bank employee, 21