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What do you think about sport in Georgia? What type of sport is successful?

Tuesday, February 21
“We have got a very good rugby team, which has brought Georgia so many happy moments that it will be enough for our future generations.”
Iako, Reporter, 21

“I like Georgian basketball players. I have attended several games and I think they have a high class, relevant to international standards. Perhaps that’s why lots of Georgian players are invited to various foreign clubs. I wish them luck.”
Irina, PR Manager, 24

“The kinds of sport can be divided in popular and successful groups. On the one hand football and rugby are very popular but unfortunately our football players are not as 'strong' as our rugby players, while on the other hand, we have successful wrestlers with gold, silver, and bronze medals, who develop and improve their skills at various international competitions.”
Davo, Sociologist, 29

"Rugby, wrestling. I think rugby and basketball are the only two team sports that have a little success.”
Revaz, Bank employee, 21

“I think that we are most successful in rugby and basketball.”
Natia, Student, 21

“I think that more traditional kinds of sports are contributed to by the state, however I think that figure skating is also assisted in Georgia currently, and we should develop it. At the same time, some winter sport varieties.”
Anna, Journalist, 35

“Georgian sport doesn’t exist except for rugby.”
Vika, Designer, 35

“I like basketball because it has successful players, which proves that they have passed a successful school.”
Davit, Economist, 48