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Compiled by Lera Khubunaia
Wednesday, February 22
1,700 English teachers to arrive from England

A new wave of English teachers is set to arrive in Georgia, reports Rezonansi.

According to a BBC report, the Black Development Agency from Bristol, England, has made an agreement with the Georgian government to provide Georgia with 1,700 English teachers.

The teachers will work in Georgia for one year, on a program created by the Tbilisi-Bristol Association. The cities were twinned in 1988.

The English agency has already begun to search for candidates. They are inviting people of all ages and experience levels.

The goal of the program is to help Georgians learn the English language and to boost employment and work experience for the people of Bristol.

English has been a mandatory course in Georgian public schools since September 2011. Foreign teachers have been arriving from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and other countries as members of the "Teach and Learn with Georgia" program established by the Ministry of Education and Science in 2010.

Kazbegi head believes Ivanishvili will prevail in elections

The Kviris Palirtra newspaper published an interview with Gogi Topadze, President of the Kazbegi beverage company, and the leader of the Industrial Party.

"With the help of your newspaper I am making a public announcement: I will stand by Bidzina Ivanishvili's side and help him as much as I can," said Topadze.

He also said that he has been enthusiastic about Ivanishvili's entry into politics since day one. I remember that I was the first person who saluted this news and I said that this was a positive thing". Topadze says that he and Ivanishvili hold frequent meetings about Georgia's political direction.

"Bidzina and I have lot in common. I suggested he transform Bakuriani into an international place for all visitors, and when we went up in the mountains, the weather was so perfect that we could see the entire Caucasian mountains from there. Tears appeared in his eyes when he looked down from there, and he put down the money for this project. Bakuriani was built entirely with Ivanishvili's financial help, but this was stolen by Georgian authorities," he added.

Topadze believes that Ivanishvili's motivations are pure. "This man really wants to change this tough situation in the country. He has millions of dollars and castles in Europe; what is the point of him coming in politics, if he really does not care about our country's wellbeing, when he knows for sure that it will be very difficult to drag Georgia from this situation? We have spoken before, about him coming in politics, and he always responded that he had to be crazy to become a politician; it seems that the country's tough situation bothered him. He saw that we were on the edge of a cliff and so he gave up his peaceful lifestyle".

Topadze is optimistic about Ivanishvili's chances in the general election. "Our government will do everything to prevent [Ivanishvili's win], but he will still come... Georgian people are naturally very patient. They will tolerate the poverty, the cold weather, hunger; but they will never accept no perspectives in life. Family is a reason to live for Georgian men, and they worry about the fact that their children, future generations, may not have any choices. Because this man awakened this hope, no new schemes for falsification will win in this situation," he claimed.