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On average, how much do you spend on communal fees per month?

Wednesday, February 22
“Last month my communal fees were nearly 200 GEL, as I used electricity for heating. Now we moved on to gas heating and I hope that expense will be reduced."
Gela, choreographer, 49

“In winter, we spend more on communal fees and we use gas and electricity more frequently, and for heating as well. In winter, communal fees for my family were nearly 90-110 GEL; in spring and summer 50-60 GEL.”
Giorgi, Student, 20

“I actually live alone so I don’t use too much electricity or gas because I’m working from early morning till late at night. So my monthly expenses range from 30 to 50 lari.”
Mamuka, Worker, 35

“I have a large family of six members so we have lots of expenditures every month: computer, TV, hot water, gas, they all make our lives easier but on the other hand we have a huge amount of communal expenses, something between 200 or 300 lari.”
Eka, Economist, 41

“Most money is spent on electricity as we have some computers, TVs and other stuff which works though electricity. Per month approximately we spend 80 GEL for electricity and 50-60 GEL on gas. Electricity is very expensive in our country and I think the vouchers, even 20 GEL ones, should be distributed to all families.”
Maia, housewife, 41

“Within 200 GEL during the winter. We use gas heating and the flat is quite big. In summer it is less, of course.”
Temur, Engineer, 47

“Nearly 20-30 GEL in winter. I live in the village, there is no gas and we mainly use wood for heating. I also do not have some additional expenses, which occur in towns or cities. I just use electricity for television and heating.”
Eter, Pensioner, 74

“I am a student and I live alone in Tbilisi so my monthly costs are not as much, however as I have no job right now my family pays these costs. Even if I have a job with a salary of 200 GEL, I will not be able to pay for communal costs as they are very expensive – including water, gas, electricity, garbage, etc. I imagine how hard is for a big family to pay so much money if they do not have enough income.”
Tiko, student, 19

“I come from the region and I stay with my relatives for a while, because I’ve just found a job with a normal salary and I can afford to pay half of the communal fees. But as my relatives are an elderly husband and a wife, and I work the whole day long, we don’t have much expenses. For example, this January we paid 30 lari for the electricity, gas, and the home telephone as a whole, which is quite an affordable amount.”
Nikoloz, Distributor, 25