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Thursday, February 23
Will electricity vouchers influence the election?

Last week, President Mikheil Saakashvili announced that electricity vouchers worth 20 GEL will be distributed to all Georgian families, at a cost of 25 million GEL. Rezonansi asked two public figures if these vouchers will influence the voting public.

Gogi Kavtaradze, director: “Does it need further [explanation] to understand that this action is part of a pre-election campaign? Getting vouchers is a good thing and a family [has no reason to] reject it when they have so many social problems, but we should make the President and government understand that they represent not only the [United] National Movement but the whole country. Still, I think that this initiative will not have any result and their goal to bribe people for the elections will fail."

Jansug Charkviani, poet: “Of course this step was taken during the pre-election period. It is part of [a campaign] just as opening new hospitals is. I welcome the opening of new hospitals in the country, but I want people to have enough money to be able to seek treatment there. Firstly, pensions and salaries should be increased and afterwards if they want they can repair roads, construct new [infrastructure] and so on. People should have a right to buy bread and cheese, to buy medicine and pay communal taxes.”

Preparation for teachers' exams has begun

Preparatory training for teachers' certification exams are underway at the Teachers’ House in Tbilisi. Training for teachers in both professional skills and their respective subjects have been organized free of charge by the National Center for Teacher Professional Development, 24 Hours reports.

The First Deputy Minister of Education and Science, Koka Sepherteladze, alongside the head of the National Center for Teacher Professional Development, attended a session of training in professional skills.

During these courses, teachers will cover topics such as lesson planning, effective methods of communication, schoolchildren’s motivation, assessment, inclusive education, classroom management, and more.

The Ministry of Education and Science has opened the registration process for the Teachers’ Certification Exams for the period of February 13-23. This year, for the first time, teachers of sports, music, and fine and applied arts will be able to take certification exams in professional skills as well as in their respective subjects. Any interested person with a university degree can take the exams.