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What is the purpose of Georgian soldiers in Afghanistan, and how long do you think they should stay there?

Thursday, February 23
I havent thought about this issue so seriously, but I dont approve of sending Georgian soldiers on any international mission.
Keti, PR Manager, 25

I understand very well why Georgia is so intent on taking part in NATO operations. OK, so we want to approach NATO and finally join it. But, no one gives us the guarantee that if we help NATO countries in their peacekeeping operation in Afghanistan, then they will accept us into NATO. So, where is the logic? Can our president explain why do we have almost the largest contingent of troops there? Yesterday we have lost three more soldiers, so the government must withdraw them as soon as possible!
Keti, student, 22

Its hard for me to answer this question because Im an ordinary citizen and I may have my personal emotional attitude, while the soldiers serve the state and its up to the government to decide how they should act.
Akaki, Economist, 28

The goal of being in Afghanistan [is twofold]: First, to express solidarity towards America and second, the training of Georgian soldiers. They should be there until the mission is complete; however, the number must be decreased.
Giorgi, student, 20

If we want to be a member of NATO, participating in military operations is a part of it. But I think that Georgia has quite a big problem of demography; we are small country, and it isn't essential to spend so much money and other resources on [the military].
Salome, Journalist, 32

I think that Georgian soldiers' participation in the mission serves the development of democracy and providing international support for Georgia.
Irakli, editor, 27

It we are not there, we will be nowhere. If you want to have international support, sacrifice is needed.
Revaz, Bank employee, 21

"As a citizen I dislike this idea. I want our boys to stay here, not to die for other land. But as it is an issue of international politics, and I'm not good at that, I do not have an answer.
Keti, Lawyer, 24

We all know why Georgia makes such a step it will help us to join NATO. Definitely, even one victim is very big for our small country, but we should also take into account that it will be helpful for our country in the future. We need security and safety, that is why we want to join an alliance, and I am sure we will reach our goal. As for our soldiers, they are our heroes!
Giorgi, Bank Employee, 41

In my opinion, they should come back immediately. I think this operation has benefits only for our government and this is the purpose of the operation.
Nino, Accountant, 36