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How would you assess Russian-Georgian relations if Putin becomes President for a third term?

Friday, February 24
“Indeed, no positive perspectives can be observed as Putin’s approach will not change at all. [And] as Saakashvili will probably become the Prime Minister of Georgia... no real changes will occur and the personal tension between Putin and Saakashvili will undermine relations.”
Nata, student, 22

“Putin will definitively become Russia’s President but I think [the United] National Movement and the President of Georgia will change soon. I hope the new government will try to regulate relations with our neighbour. It is impossible to continue relations like this, it will not bring anything good to Georgia.”
David, IT Specialist, 37

“I think there will be more tension between the two countries and it will negatively affect both of the countries.”
Lali, Journalist, 22

“It will not change. The problem isn't persons; the problem is the view point of these countries.”
Zakaria, Lawyer, 27

"It won't change much. Putin has been the main decision maker in the Kremlin so far. After the elections, his occupation politics will go on."
Sopho, Reporter, 25

“Well, I think that the situation will not change if the Georgian leadership remains the same. If some other force comes to power in our state, I think that some positive changes to the relations might take place.”
Giorgi, Student, 20

“I do not wait for some serious changes. As I see it, Russia will not concede Georgian territories, as they are the most beautiful and important parts of Georgia. Russia wants to use them for its interest. I think that only in the frame of very serious international pressure or a deal would Putin change his plan.”
Tamta, employed, 23