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Georgia battleground for global interests

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, February 28
Recently, Georgia became a matter of international interest thanks to a failed terrorist attack against employees of the Israeli Embassy in Tbilisi. This suggests that as the country opens itself to the world, the world is coming to Georgia in unexpected ways

On February 13, a vehicle belonging to Roma Khachaturyan, a Georgian national employed by the Embassy, was rigged with an explosive device. Thanks to both Khachaturyan's keen eye and some swift police work, the bomb was defused before it could go off. Not so lucky was an Israeli diplomat in New Dehli, India. That same day, a bomb strapped to an embassy car exploded, injuring several people. Israeli officials immediately accused Iran of plotting those attacks, with Iran refuting the allegations.

Georgian political analysts see this event as a watershed moment for Georgia, as its importance is increasing on the world stage, making it a setting for serious political games. Analyst and former security officer, Colonel Besik Aladashvili, suggests that active intelligence officers from a number of countries are currently on Georgian soil, naming the United States, Russia, Israel, China, Turkey, Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and various European states. In an interview with Kvela Siakhle, Aladashvili said that Georgia exists within a sphere of interest for military political, economic, religious, and other issues. Historically, Georgia has always been a crossroads for empires, and to see the interests of many different countries present in Tbilisi is perhaps nothing new.

Sometimes these interests bring tragic results, as in the notorious assassination cases of CIA agent Fred Wudroff and Italian journalist Antonio Rossi. It is possible that further tension in the region be it from the North or the South could involve Georgia in a global confrontation.

While government officials offer few comments on these matters, it does not take much imagination to see how Georgia could be swept up in greater political games. The government is promoting tourism heavily, alongside its liberal visa regime which may invite those agents of foreign countries seeking to find a more convenient battleground for their grudges and cold wars.