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How often do you watch TV? Are you satisfied with how Georgian television networks are performing?

Tuesday, February 28
“I do not like Georgian media television so much that I do not watch it at all.”
Natia, MA student, 23

“I am not satisfied. I want to find objective reality somewhere, but without any success. There are nearly the same things on [every] TV channel and broadcasted in one and the same way. I am fed up with news programs. There is nothing interesting in this field currently. I cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, moreover, I can’t see the tunnel at all…”
Nino, Teacher, 23

“I watch Georgian TV channels quite often but how can I be satisfied with their news when I know very well that most of the reported information does not coincide with the truth and reality? They are reporting what the government wants to be aired. Otherwise, how can a news program allot one hour for the President’s visit to one region of Georgia as if nothing is happening in our country?”
Guram, economist, 41

“Currently, I do not often watch TV, but I can estimate. There is nearly the same situation on all TV channels, rarely some innovation or originality. The most unacceptable fact is that when a tired person comes back home and there are films in the English language... it is very difficult to read the titles.”
Anna, Journalist, 35

“I do not watch TV, I just get information from the internet.”
Irakli, editor in chief, 27

“Generally I watch TV in the evening hours and I like the programmes they offer. They are different from each other and a spectator has a choice to watch what they like. I am satisfied.”
Tika, student, 21

“There are just two programs I watch... There is a broad propaganda of lewdness.”
Avtandil, unemployed, 27