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Do you think the forthcoming elections will be held in a fair and transparent manner?

Wednesday, February 29
“In comparison to previous elections, yes – however, I am still convinced that the government will use all its administrative resources to pressure the electorate.”
Giorgi, economist, 36

“I do not believe that the upcoming elections will be held as they should be, as the President of the state is Mikheil Saakashvili.”
Bachana, student, 22

“Well, I am not sure, but still I have hope that the elections will be held transparently.”
Revaz, Bank Employee, 21

“Current authorities will do their best to falsify it, but the Georgian community must not let them do this. While in the previous elections only 40% of citizens participated, currently 85% of those questioned in different public polls say that they will take part in the upcoming elections, which would create serious obstacle for falsification. If the elections are falsified, it may turn fatal for the current Georgian leadership.”
Zviad, specialist of international relations, 31

“I think that, in general, the elections will be held transparently, but there will also be some shortcomings.”
Nino, journalist, 25

“I hardly can imagine democratic elections in our country. I have no hope of it.”
Marina, housewife, 48

“I think elections will be rigged as never before, because the ruling party has a very strong opponent in Ivanishvili, who has a lot of support among the population.”
Soso, manager, 29