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How would you assess the President's annual report to Parliament, and the opposition's reaction?

Thursday, March 1
“It proved one more time how mistaken the other opposition parties were, when they didn't enter Parliament. The whole country was looking at that poor opposition. I liked neither the speech nor the debate, maybe because I lacked some more MPs representing them.”
Sophio, Interpreter, 27

“I always laugh a lot when I listen to parliamentary debates, because neither the authorities nor MPs have enough tactics to be polite even for the audience listening to their arguments.”
Misha, Writer, 24

“I didn’t find Saakashvili’s report different from his other speeches – there were some interesting news in almost every field he spoke of, but the President always knows how to attract attention and defend his image against the opposition's criticism – I find both government and opposition worthy of one another.”
Beka, Lawyer, 31

"I have the same opinion regarding our President as I had before, however, he has one more time proved that he is rude, impulsive, and does not avoid insulting people publicly.”
Ketevan, Language Specialist, 23

“I prefer to be neutral and do not comment on the issue.”
Irakli, editor, 27

“It was just another circus presentation. They are deriding each other, meanwhile people have real problems that should be resolved as soon as possible.”
Vaso, Graphic Designer, 29

“Out of a total 10 points, I would give it just seven points.”
Nino, Journalist, 25