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How would you assess the President’s decision to unilaterally abolish the visa requirement for Russians?

Friday, March 2
“I think that it was nice decision, plus one point in favour of Saakashvili."
Revaz, student, 21

“I think it was a very good decision.”
Irakli, journalist, 27

“It’s positive, I suppose.”
Mamuka, BP employee, 31

“I can positively estimate the visa free regime with Russia from the Georgian side.”
Natia, Facilitator, 33

“To my mind it was a good decision, if not good, nothing bad is possible from that decision.”
Anna, employed, 35

“I think Saakashvili has excellent PR skills. He sometimes talks too much about stupid things and keeps repeating his mistakes but he always knows what and when to say. He just needs to know how to do that. Because with this particular step, he simply shocked the Russian government, and I just wonder how Putin and Medvedev feel after that.”
Ia, Economist, 28

“I think the President has won one point over his Russian opponents, because he has thus shown that he is too liberal to pardon others. Although he has only simplified the visa regime for ordinary people but I hope finally the two sides would come to a political consensus.”
Merab, Engineer, 47

“I definitely welcome Saakashvili’s decision because I think neighbouring countries should have borders as open as possible – but it was part of his PR campaign no doubt.”
Elene, Housewife, 38