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Do you think Georgian police require more reform? If yes, in what direction?

Wednesday, March 7
"Yes, I think that each arrest should be based on video evidence. For instance, I violated traffic rules yesterday, and asked them to prove to me that it was a violation. However, police cars in Georgia are not equipped with video cameras to prove a violation. The same happens when police arrests protestors, video evidence should exist.”
David, financial analyst, 38

"Georgia has one of the best police systems and I do not think it needs reform. However, I am convinced that it is politicized and therefore not impartial and objective regarding those who oppose the government.”
Lali, linguist 33

“Yes, I think that more reforms are required in the structure. I think the police need to have more training and act politely while talking to people. This especially concerns the criminal police.”
Revaz, Bank Employee, 21

“I think that there is no need for additional reforms in Georgian police.”
Ninuki, Student, 20

“I think that the power of Georgian police officers should be reduced. In general, I think that reform is needed more in the court and healthcare systems.”
Sophio, Interpreter, 23

“I think Georgian police have been reformed enough so that it can follow modern standards.”
Irakli, Student, 21

“Georgian police have become a symbol of fairness in our country but I’m afraid it’s more a PR campaign than reality. There are too many patrol policemen everywhere in the country but the cases of human rights violation by police have also increased. That’s why I think they have to respect people if they want to be respected themselves.”
Lili, Teacher, 48