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Do you think Georgia and Azerbaijan have a chance to host the UEFA Champions League?

Friday, March 9
I think the two countries have a chance to host the UEFA Championship one day, but they have to improve their sport infrastructure according to international standards.
Marekh, Sociologist, 24

As an optimist, I would say that I welcome such cooperation between the countries.
Giorgi, Economist, 28

I am not quite familiar with the sport complexes in Georgia and Azerbaijan thats why I wont be so competent, but what I can see is that we still lack stadiums necessary for sport championships.
Nino, Manager, 31

I think that Georgia has no chance, because, as I know, such league needs much money... Even if the Georgian government would allocate the amount necessary for the championship it would irritate the Georgian population.
Salome, Radio Journalist, 26

I am not familiar with the topic, but I think to host the championship we need at least suitable infrastructure. I think we are not ready.
Nino, Reporter, 33

I don't think that's possible, but if by any chance it will happen I'll be glad.
Nodar, Archaeologist, 43

I do not think Georgia has a chance to host the UEFA championship. I have the same attitude regarding Azerbaijan."
Khatuna, Journalist, 26

Why not? I think we have this chance.
Nino, Language Specialist, 23