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Monday, March 12
Fate of four Georgian sailors in Sokhumi remains unclear

The fate of four Georgian sailors on board the Hakki Ehilioglus, a ship moored at the port of Sokhumi, remains unclear, the wife of one of the sailors told InterpressNews.

According to her, the Georgian sailors are victims of trafficking, though no legal action has been taken against the owner of the ship.

She also says their health is declining.

Family of the sailors have demanded the involvement of international organizations, and have sent letters to various agencies.

"We call on international organizations, the Parliamentary committee of human rights, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, the Prosecutorís Office, and the President to protect the rights of the sailors," the families said.

Four Georgian sailors on board a Turkish ship have been trapped in Sokhumi for over a year, due to Abkhaz maritime border violations, and a contract dispute with their employer.

Vashadze visits Egypt

The Minister of Foreign Affairs has paid an official visit to the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Grigol Vashadze held meetings with the Speaker of Egypt's Parliament, its foreign minister, and other officials, to discuss enhanced economic cooperation, attraction of investments, joint infrastructure projects, and the encouragement of joint enterprises in Georgia.

Both sides hailed the upcoming meeting of the Georgia-Egypt economic commission, which they expect will support and promote further cooperation between the two countries.
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House of Georgian Language opened in Kakheti

A House of the Georgian Language has opened in the village of Iormughanlo, Kakheti.

The house will provide Georgian language courses for local teachers, who speak Azeri, and will authorize them to conduct classes at public schools in Georgia.

The House was opened by Speaker of Parliament Davit Bakradze, and Minister of Education and Science Dimitri Shashkini this past weekend.

During their visit to the region, they also attended the groundbreaking ceremony of two new schools in Sagarejo. Construction is due to be complete by the beginning of the next school year.
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New Rights object to disruption of classes during President's visit to regions

The New Rights opposition party has accused the governing United National Movement and the President of causing a disruption in studies at public schools during Mikheil Saakashvili's visits to various regions of the country.

Party representative Manana Natchkebia said that pupils and teachers were forced to attend meetings with the President at various events, disrupting lessons. The opposition party calls on the Ministry of Education to address this problem and provide uninterrupted study at public schools.

"During large-scale [visits] by the President in the regions, teachers and pupils are forced to suspend the teaching process and attend meetings with the President. This is an attempt to politicize the teaching process and use the educational system for the interests of the ruling party," Natchkebia said.
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Turkish burglary case solved

An international burglary case has been solved. The Ministry of Internal Affairs has confirmed that the Department of Constitutional Security has detained the burglars who stole six kilograms of gold from a Turkish shopping centre.

A portion of the stolen gold has been also recovered.

The burglars were arrested in the city of Ordu on March 9. Turkish media reported details of the theft from a local shopping centre, calling it the "robbery of the century".

Reportedly, the burglars dug an eight-metre-long tunnel from a nearby building to the jewelry depository of the mall, removing six kilograms of gold. The security system failed, but the remains of a cigarette, which experts identified as being manufactured in Georgia, lead investigators to the Georgian suspects.
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FC Dynamo VP resigns

The Vice President of Tbilisi Dynamo Football Club has resigned.

Zurab Pololikshvili assumed the role of Director General of the club in 2011, and moved to the position of Vice President only a few weeks ago.

He brought several Spanish footballers to the team, as well as coach Alex Garcia, who left Dynamo last month.
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Janri Kashia dies

Noted television presenter, philosopher and public figure Janri Kashia has died.

Kashia died during a cardiology operation in Paris, according to Way of Georgia and InterpressNews.

Kashia was the husband of Salome Zurabishvili, leader of the Way of Georgia party.