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Is existing infrastructure adequate for the needs of disabled people in Tbilisi?

Monday, March 12
“I think there is nothing special for disabled people in Tbilisi, because I can hardly see anyone in their wheelchairs around the capital. It means that they don’t feel comfortable in the streets and lack comfort, unlike other so-called ordinary people, who can walk and spend time anywhere they like.”
Marekh, MA Student, 23

“I remember how the government used to claim that they would ensure all the infrastructure privileges for disabled people but I can’t see any steps forward in this direction so far.”
Misha, Economist, 48

“As a person with disabilities I feel different from the rest of the Georgian population because I can’t freely move along the streets and enter buildings in the capital. I must always have someone who will help me move up the stairs, cross the street, or take money from the ATMs. So I think it’s not fair to talk of the rights of equality and ignore disabled people just for their physical problems even though they are healthy and clever enough to do everything to supporting their [own] lives.”
Nodar, Chemist, 37

“The infrastructure is not really adequate for disabled people in Tbilisi. It is very difficult, practically unimaginable, for disabled people to move [around] the city without someone’s assistance. Even some newly-built constructions do not foresee those [people's] needs.”
Nana, medical student, 21

“I think that in modern buildings such needs are more or less foreseen, [but] I can’t say the same about some old-fashioned constructions. In general, such needs are not taken into consideration."
Bakar, Student, 20

“More or less. Taking such needs into consideration has already started and I hope that in the near future we will satisfy standards.”
Khatuna, journalist 26

“I do not live in Tbilisi and I unfortunately cannot make an exact estimation.”
Nino, language specialist, 23