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Do you think all opposition parties in Georgia should stand together during the pre-election period?

Thursday, March 15
“Yes, I think they should try hard to put their ideologies together and orient [themselves] to a successful pre-election campaign with united forces.”
Nino, Accountant, 24

“I think it will be a very difficult decision for the opposition representatives, because they always try to seem better than each other. Even in everyday life I could hardly unite with my 'rival' but it is worth defeating the 'same enemy' with joint forces.”
Nodar, Sportsman, 29

“No, opposition forces should differ from one another: they should have different points of view towards ruling the country, the election, and everything. Can Pink Floyd join the Radiohead, just to get more votes than Justin Bieber? This is almost the same.”
Zakro, Researcher, 31

“I think that standing together in the pre-election period will be bad for the opposition for two main reasons: First, it might impose inner disagreement, and at the same time, voters don’t like every figure in the opposition, so they might become sceptical.”
Rezo, Employed, 21

“The opposition is disabled to achieve unity, to my mind.”
Khato, Journalist, 26

“I do not think it is right for different opposition forces to unite before the elections.”
Magda, NGO employee, 36

“Indeed, if they want to defeat the National Movement they should stand together during the pre-election period.”
Keti, Designer, 30

“I think the real opposition parties already stand together. The other parties are proxy parties of the ruling party, which are not opposition whatsoever”.
Tengo, Entrepreneur, 38