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Do you think university self-governments are politicized?

Friday, March 16
“Indeed, a big 'yes'. The head of self-government works in the Ministry of Sport today. Also, some members currently work in the administration of President, Parliament, etc.”
Revaz, Student, 21

“Yes, they are really politicized.”
Ninuki, Student, 20

“State university self-government has always been politicized. If we look through the National Movement’s rows, we will see that there are many former university self-government members.”
Bachana, Student, 21

“I think they are politicized.”
Khatuna, Journalist, 26

“Yes, they are politicized at each state university in Georgia and it's obvious – they simply have too much self-confidence because they feel the 'state' support.”
Lile, PR Manager, 25

“Yeah, they are. Especially TSU's self-government. All the time they promote the ruling party, spend the budget on their own prosperity, not on students' necessities, and do a lot of illegal things and hope that the state and the university's administration will support them.”
Lali, Reporter, 22

“If you are the member of such a self-government, you have a great chance to be promoted within the university. If by participating in seminars or conferences you will prove that you are an active and responsible student, you can count on serious prospects after graduation.”
Anna, Lawyer, 32

“I am a member of TSU’s self-government but I haven’t yet felt anything like that. I’m in my first year yet and perhaps that’s why I have a different opinion. I must say my older friends didn’t advise me to join the self-government, but I just like being part of various events and I don’t think they are politicized.”
Sandro, BA Student, 20