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Do you think Georgia may face a civil war?

Monday, March 19
“No, I don’t think so. I doubt the situation in Georgia is so dramatic as to cause a civil confrontation.”
Lali, Journalist, 22

“God save us from any war – civil or not – war is the same. It always destroys moral feelings.”
Zakaria, Lawyer, 31

“No indeed, the situation is not ripe enough for civil war; nonetheless, there is protest among opposition supporters.”
Khatuna, photographer, 32

“Currently, there is just an abstract danger of this. However, there is a danger of forcible preservation of power. If the process is transformed to civil war, it will be in the interest of the current leadership of Georgia, as in this case they will be able to preserve power through strengthened police structures and law enforcement in general. It will be more opposition of the government and people rather that rivalry between public representatives. However, the issue is too delicate and dependent on the upcoming development of processes and the relations between the government and the opposition.”
Giorgi, Student, 21

“Currently, I can not see such a threat.”
Mano, Journalist, 27

“There is no such destabilizing force in the state to forecast this.”
Rezo, Bank Employee, 21