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Has the Chamber of Control exceeded its power?

Tuesday, March 20
“I think the Chamber of Control is rudely violating its rights [and] it can easily be connected to Bidzina Ivanishvili’s entrance into the political arena.”
Elene, Actress, 31

“The Chamber of Control has become a state satellite, chasing after Ivanishvili’s steps. Everything this body does is an absolute violation of its power.”
Nodar, Lawyer, 37

“Actually I don’t think there is anything illegal in the Chamber’s activities. It is doing the same thing it has been doing in previous years.”
Alex, Driver, 28

“I do not know the law accordingly, however I believe that the Chamber of Control should not be the Prosecutor’s Office. Thus I think that yes, it exceeds [its power].”
Anna, Employed, 35

“It exceeds, and the Chamber of Control’s actions impose irritation as well.”
Khatuna, Journalist, 26

“Yes, it exceeds its power.”
Maia, Nurse, 45

“I can say yes, indeed.”
Irakli, Editor, 27

“It definitely does, as the new department has been specially created to pressure political parties."
Sandro, Lawyer, 24

“Yes, it is obvious that the Chamber of Control has now financial reigns to control political parties, and it does exceed its power upon an order received from the United National Movement."
Nina, Office manager, 26