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What do you think are the most in-demand professions in Georgia?

Wednesday, March 21
“Well, I have heard from many of my friends and relatives that they cannot work with their profession and therefore they change profession according to current demands. I am a manager and after university graduation it was easy for me to find a proper job. Besides, almost all my group mates have a job. So I think one of the most wanted professions is business and management.”
Mariam, manager, 31

“As far as I see construction processes are on-going. I think engineers, architects, as well as builders, [are] profession in demand.”
Levan, Bank employee, 29

“I think good staff in the tourism sector is one of the most demanded professions nowadays. That is why young people who cannot find jobs according to their professions, I suggest them to try in this field.”
Ana, Dentist, 37

“I do not know, maybe lawyer.”
Levan, Student, 20

“To tell you the truth, I do not know.”
Revaz, Employed, 21

“I think that to be President is the most in-demand profession in the country… Everyone wants to be President! Seriously, I think that in general, the most in-demand [professions] are [construction] sector representatives, to my mind. I think that tourism sector employees have also become popular.”
Anna, Journalist, 35

“Well, it's a hard question to answer because everyone has her own thoughts about it. For me, being an economist would be the most profitable profession but unfortunately I don't have a head for math. So I think that the most in-demand professions in Georgia are economists, bankers, and maybe doctors.”
Nino, Language specialist, 23

“I think every modern person should better know math to reach a higher international level of knowledge. As a translator I often help youth in filling out their application forms for education exchange programs and I found out that people with a mathematical background are the most in-demand in the business sector."
Elene, Translator, 37

“There’s no sense in arguing about the professions because every person loves his or her own job – but economists and lawyers are the most in-demand in our country nowadays.”
Irina, Reporter, 25