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Do you trust public opinion polls conducted in Georgia?

Thursday, March 22
“I am not very aware of their activities, however regarding [the National Democratic Institute], I can say that I do not have a negative attitude or too much distrust towards them.”
Rezo, Employed, 21

“I do not [trust them] for several reasons: people think X, polls show Y, there is no neutral institution watching the process, if there still is a final answer it is again not genuine. It is always replaced in the end!”
Nino, teacher, 23

“I can say, more or less.”
Khati, Journalist, 26

“I do not [trust them], as I think that they are influenced and controlled by the current government of Georgia.”
Rita, MA student, 23

“I believe in the polls carried out by NDI, IRI [International Republican Institute], and such centres.”
Irakli, Editor-in-Chief, 27

“It depends on the poll. I personally mistrust NDI because I think they do whatever President Saakashvili orders them to do.”
Keti, PR Manager, 25

“There are lots of organizations carrying out polls in the country but their methodologies differ. There is a variety of ways of how to properly conduct a survey and definitely the results of different organizations may differ. I think the most trustworthy 'poll' is the fairly carried out election, which is unfortunately so rare even in the developed countries.”
Nino, Manager, 35

"As a researcher I must say ‘yes’ I do believe the polls but every survey has its margin of error. It is really hard to carry out such research that can be applied to the whole Georgian nation, that’s why polling results always cause controversies among the public. But trust me, researchers are always doing our best to make surveys as objective as possible.”
Manan, Researcher, 43