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Thursday, March 29
Are NDI polling results accurate?

Recently, the National Democratic Institute published the results of a political survey. According to semi-official information, the United National Movement is supported by 47% of respondents, while Georgian Dream has 10-11% voter support.

Rezonansi asked two public figures for their opinion of the poll and its results.

Nana Shonia, actress: "I do not think these results are real. Forty-seven percent for Saakashvili and 10% for Ivanishvili? It is impossible. Georgians know very well what kind of kindness Ivanishvili does for Georgia and its people. I do not believe that they forgot everything.”

Gia Anchabadze, historian: “I cannot say anything for sure, but I think Georgian Dream has more than 10% support. It would be better if polls were held by other companies as well.”

Bobokhidze clarifies Bass remark

In an interview with Kviris Palitra, government MP Akaki Bobokhidze clarified his strong words about U.S. Ambassador to Georgia, John Bass.

“John Bass will not give orders to Georgian authorities,” he said last week, causing some controversy.

“I have only asked who John Bass is to Georgian journalists and opposition," he explained.

"Is he the head of Georgia or is he the Ambassador of the USA? I have said that he cannot give orders to the Georgian government".

Bobokhidze claims that "90%" of the opposition believes that the means to change the government of Georgia come from outside the country, and they are willing to cooperate with any force that will help them gain power. "They are ready to go to the Kremlin to achieve their goal. All day long they [try] to find out what [U.S. President Barack] Obama told [President Mikheil] Saakashvili during their meeting in Washington, whether he told Saakashvili that he should transfer his power. There are two kinds of countries: our strategic partners, democratic countries who say that a transfer of power should be made only through elections, and a second type, including our enemy Russia, who says that the people in power should be the ones that [Russia] supports. The opposition thinks as Russia does, and they do not care who is supported and elected by the people,” he asserted.