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Will you answer truthfully if asked about your political leanings for a poll?

Thursday, March 29
"I am always ready to respond, however, no one has ever asked me."
Nodar, Journalist, 27

I have never responded sincerely, [because] I am afraid I might lose my job for it.
Nino, Language Specialist, 23

I never respond, because my political leanings are just my business.
Revaz, MA student, 21

I think that I would not be sincere as there is currently serious fear towards all representatives of the state. People are being threatened that they might lose their jobs, or family members may be punished, for different political attitudes.
Nana, Student, 20

"If they ask me to give my name and surname I will never take part in such polling. If I do, how will I dare to say that I am a supporter of the opposition? I have a job, my family members have jobs, I have a small business and I do not want the additional headache in the future."
Meri, economist, 52

"Of course I will. Why should I lie or fix my opinion? I am not afraid at all and I do not think that if I have a different opinion the police will arrest me this is ridiculous!"
Tika, student, 21

I have participated in the research process and I know how it works. I mean the methodology of questionnaires, selection of samples, everything needs proper planning so from this viewpoint I would say yes I would be sincere about my political orientation if my rights of expression wont be suppressed.
Anuka, Psychologist, 26

I dont like participating in such surveys because Georgia is a small country and you can never tell who is standing behind these questionnaires.
Nikoloz, Driver, 47