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Do you think the President will restore Bidzina Ivanishvili's citizenship?

Tuesday, April 3
“I am sure he will, because Ivanishvili really deserves it. I think this is just a formality that they do not publish the President’s decision so far. I cannot see any reason why he should not grant it, as Ivanishvili has not done anything terrible to Georgia.”
Maya, Housewife, 44

“I hope he will, because Ivanishvili is the same equal citizen as any of us in this country.”
Tamta, Translator, 23

“That’s a ridiculous case indeed. Actually I do not have an answer for it. On one hand, I think Ivanishvili must be a Georgian citizen, but on the other hand, the authorities have all the levers to prove that they are justified in why he should not be a citizen of our country. It would be better to wait for the final decision.”
Nata, Student, 20

“Frankly, I have no idea what will happen. I think Saakashvili won't give a present to his main rival... None of the opposition leaders can defeat Saakashvili except Ivanishvili. So, I would be surprised if they grant him citizenship.”
Irakli, IT specialist, 28

“I think he will grant him citizenship just after the Central Election Commission finishes the registration procedures, but it will indeed be prior to the election.”
Sandro, Lawyer, 24

“Of course Saakashvili should return citizenship to Ivanishvili. He has done so much for Georgia. I think he will grant it to him after the elections.”
Nina, Office manager, 28

“No, I have information that Ivanishvili will not be granted Georgian citizenship.”
Irakli, Editor, 27

“I think that Ivanishvili will be granted citizenship. Maybe this process has been lengthened, but finally he will be granted it.”
Anna, Journalist, 35