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How often do you drink Georgian mineral water and which is your favourite?

Wednesday, April 4
“I drink Georgian mineral water quite often, 2-3 times a week maybe. I prefer to drink Nabeghlavi – a it's my favourite.”
Tamar, translator, 31

“Unfortunately, I never drink mineral water.”
Nino, Language Specialist, 23

“I am a consumer of Georgian products and mineral water as well. Especially when I am on a diet, this is very good, to drink water as often as one can. In the summer time it is an especially in-demand product.”
Natalia, Secretary, 27

“To tell you the truth, not very often, [but] when I drink it I prefer Likani.”
Revaz, Bank Employee, 21

“I adore Georgian mineral water, especially during a hangover. They really have unique features and they are good for health and medical treatment as well. I always have in my fridge one or two types of mineral water.”
Nika, Manager, 35

“I don’t enjoy drinking either Georgian or foreign ones, but when I have a stomachache Nabeghlavi always saves me from pain.”
Niko, Writer, 37

“I usually buy Sairme. I think it the best by far. In general, Georgian water is some of the best in the world.”
Otar, Lawyer, 30

“Nabeglavi is my favorite, but I rarely buy mineral water.”
Nina, Student, 20

“I drink Georgian mineral water very rarely, maybe once a month, but when I buy one I prefer Likani.”
Llai, Journalist, 22

“I often have health problems and Georgian mineral water help me very much in recovering my health. I actually prefer mountain water or mineral water straight from Borjomi, not the one which is sold on the market.”
Dato, Driver, 54