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Number of automobiles increase

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, April 5
Georgia's population is approximately 4 million people, who own 750 000 registered automobiles.

In 2007, there were 500 000 cars registered in Georgia, a number which rose to 600 000 in 2008, and has increased by 50 000 each year since.

The majority of these cars are old, depreciated, and second-hand. The average age of vehicles in Georgia is over 10 years old, with almost half of all cars between 11-20 years old. There are only 11 000 cars up to three years old, 22 000 up to six years old, and 33 000 up to 10 years old. Approximately 300 000 cars are older than 20 years.

The most popular cars are from Germany. Of the ten most common brands, five are German and four are Japanese. The most popular brand is Opel, followed by Mercedes, Volkswagen, BMW, Mitsubishi, Toyota and Honda.