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Thursday, April 5
Who needs unrest with Russia?

Some members of the Georgian government have said that a confrontation with Russia has not been ruled out, and may even resume in the fall if that country's planned military exercises spill over into "aggression". Rezonansi asked two notable public figures if the government – or the opposition – "needs" confrontation with Russia.

Military analyst Giorgi Tavdgiridze says that Georgia would lose a second war with Russia, although he does acknowledge that a threat of confrontation exists. Tavdgiridze emphasised the military exercises are very close to Georgia’s border and a large number of Russian troops will take part, so when a foreign threat is so nearby, the administration and the opposition need to make compromises.

Gia Burjanadze, an actor, believes that Vladimir Putin does not need another war with Georgia as he has just regained the Presidency and has everything he possibly want. Although Burjanadze says that it would be helpful for the Georgian government to face Russian aggression during the campaign, implying that it is not just Putin who is dangerous to Georgia, but this administration as well.

Iveria TV threatened with closure

Rezonansi reports that Iveria TV may be shut down, and its management is accusing the government of being behind the closure.

Giorgi Andriadze, the network head, has said that the government has excluded his channel from cable television companies’ lineups, so the National Commission for Communications may annul Iveria's license.

“We have been trying to join in a cable network since September, although without any result. We have written communication with cable companies – Aiety and GNN have told us they have no vacancy. The rest of the cable companies – Silknet, Caucasus Online, Global TV – did not even respond to our letters,” Andriadze said, going on to assert, “I deeply believe [President Mikheil] Saakashvili’s government controls everything in Georgia, so putting pressure on private companies is very easy".

Andriadze says he is going to appeal for help from the foreign diplomatic corps in the near future.