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Do you think the Civil Registry Agency’s decision regarding Ivanishvili’s citizenship is fair?

Friday, April 6
"I am not sure. I think he must be a Georgian citizen, however as officials explained he should have done something different while applying for citizenship. So, if he acts according to Georgian legislation, I think he will have no problem being granted citizenship."
Lela, Sales assistant, 26

"Of course it is unfair, of course this is illegal, and of course this is a [black mark] on Georgia. They have not done as many things during their eight years in power as Ivanishvili has done for Georgia and our people. I believe justice will win in the end."
Tamar, Teacher, 51

"I cannot explain what has happened and how such a silly decision was made by the Civil Registry. I am totally upset!"
Sandro, Guide, 24

“I have not read about this, I don’t have much information regarding the issue. However, just wait until the President gives his response.”
Revaz, Bank employee, 22

“Of course it was unfair. Even if the application was wrongly organized the institution must react to the issue swiftly and not after several months.”
Anna, Journalist, 35

“I think that it was not a fair decision.”
Irakli, Editor, 27

“Indeed it is unfair. The decision was a politically-motivated order of the ruling party, which has been scared to death after Ivanishvili’s entry in politics."
Iza, Teacher, 40

“I think no one doubts the fact that it was unfair and illegal, as the Civil Registry still remains [under pressure] from the government.”
Guram, Engineer, 52