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Do you think international observers will ensure elections will be held in a fair and democratic way?

Tuesday, April 10
They are not able to democratically and freely direct the process... No one will listen and take their advice into consideration.
Anna, employed, 35

I think that international observers alone are not enough [to ensure] the election process is held as it should be.
Revaz, MA student, 21

I think maybe.
Irakli, Journalist, 27

I think international observers are not so familiar with the Georgian customs and traditions. Even if they do their best to observe the electoral environment they wont change anything our government is clever enough to think of new methods of falsification.
Anna, Writer, 29

I dont know what will be in future but actually, nothing has changed with their presence so far.
Tamta, Interpreter, 31

I think each country should have its own standards of democracy. I mean, by following international standards politicians sometimes forget about their own citizens and sacrifice their wellbeing for personal gain. I once accompanied international observers to local self-government elections and they did nothing more than write down the situation at the central election precincts.
Salome, Reporter, 24