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How do you think the current Parliament building should continue its life after the loss of its status in May?

Wednesday, April 11
“Generally, I do not welcome Parliament’s [move to] another city, because I think such important state institutions should be in the capital. But we can do nothing to object to this idea. It would be appropriate if there would be a great museum opened [there], like the British Museum.”
Irakli, Sociologist, 29

“I cannot guess how this huge building might be used. To be used as a hotel would not befit it. Regardless, there is no need for two Parliament buildings in one country.”
Anna, Journalist, 35

“I have no idea. It has an excellent location in the very centre of Tbilisi... [but] the building is not a modern one and it is useless for a shopping mall or stuff like that. Maybe it is a good idea to open a grand hotel which will be equipped with historical things and unique furniture.”
Giga, Bank employee, 38

“There is no need for two [buildings with the] same function in the country. In general, I did not support moving of the body to Kutaisi, as I could not see the purpose of this. If the reason was to create more employment in Kutaisi, [an equal] number of people will be left without jobs in Tbilisi, won't they?"
Rita, Language specialist, 23

“If Parliament is moved to Kutaisi, having the same function building in Tbilisi is unreasonable to my mind. As far as I know, there was a church on the site of the current Parliament building in Tbilisi. If the church was defiled, it has no meaning to me what function this building will have in the future.”
Mariam, Student, 16

“Indeed, it should continue its function; I think it would be the best building for the Foreign Ministry."
Salome, architect, 25

“I can’t even imagine Tbilisi without that building. I actually don’t care where the Parliament sessions are held but I’m just sorry for the constant infrastructure changes in our country. It looks like a construction game – our President sometimes acts as if he were 5.”
Elene, Designer, 28

“Actually, I didn’t even know anything about this topic. I thought it would remain [as Parliament] together with the new building in Kutaisi, but as I understand this ancient building may be sold and remade into anything in the whole world! That’s just unfair – everything in this country should have a function.”
Eldar, Student, 21

“I think this building would be a wonderful museum but we already have enough spaces for paintings and sculptures, that’s why I have no suggestions. But with or without any function I hope that this building will remain on Rustaveli Avenue forever!”
Ninia, Journalist, 26