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Zestaponi water supply to be rehabilitated

Thursday, April 12
Residents of Zestaponi will soon receive clean, filtered water on improved schedule. On Wednesday, Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure Ramaz Nikolaishvili, Governor of Imereti Lasha Makatsaria, and Director of United Water Supply Company Irakli Kvashilava met with residents of Zestaponi to introduce the results of rehabilitation works on water supply system.

Water supply has been a problem in Zestaponi for 30 years. Before the rehabilitation works, many residents only had water for three hours per day once every three or four days. Now, residents enjoy water for 7 hours per day, with ongoing work attempting to create a constant, 24-hour supply.

The project was implemented by the United Water Supply Company of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure. Almost 70 local residents were employed, constructing three new pump stations and replacing sections of the main pipe. Point failures on the 4 kilometres of pipe were repaired, reducing water loss. (MRDI)