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Thursday, April 12
Alasania announced move to Zugdidi

In an interview with Mteli Kvira, Irakli Alasania, one of the leaders of Georgian Dream, announced that he intends to reside in Zugdidi, Samegrelo during the campaign.

“I have travelled around Georgia during the past year and I have been introduced to all kinds of problems people face nowadays. However, I think it is not enough and I have decided to spent more time in the regions and in particular in Samegrelo, where the authoritarian regime is stronger than in other regions of Georgia. It is a well known fact that Samegrelo is ruled by the Akhalia clan. That is why I am going to go around all villages and towns and meet locals and [discover] their opinions and problems. Samegrelo should have the opportunity to become a bridge which will connect us with Abkhazia,” Alasania said.

“Apart from me, our leaders also have a plan to move around different regions and I repeat very often that no one can win elections by sitting in Tbilisi offices. Elections should be won with the people. We will try to introduce our programmes to the people and persuade them that our team will keep its promises given during the campaign,” he added.

It was last month when Alasania claimed that illegal paramilitary groups were being formed in Samegrelo. The National Security Council explained that the groups are actually voluntary reservists. “The President lies when he says that he makes reservist groups... In reality, he had an idea to create military groups which he would use [if he] loses the elections, to cause some unrest in the country against people," Alasania asserted.

Prices drop on Lent products

Rezonansi reports that during the period of Lent, demand for Lenten products increased significantly, but prices stayed the same. In addition, the price of some other products decreased 5-10% compared with previous years.

A favourite Lenten product is beans, which this year cost approximately 3-4 GEL, compared to 4-4.50 GEL last year. A kilogram of potatoes were 1.20-1.30 GEL last year, down to a mere 1 GEL this Lent. A single onion costs 80 tetri.