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How do you prepare for Easter? Do you have a special tradition for the holiday?

Friday, April 13
“I am always happy when Easter approaches and we, my whole family, celebrate it together. Usually we attend a sermon on the eve of [Easter] Sunday and greet Easter in the church. We have a traditional supra with red eggs and paska.”
Maya, Housewife, 46

“I have no special tradition for the day. I am sometimes here, sometimes there, depends on the situation.”
Levan, Student, 20

“I am a painter and my daughter and I have a tradition to dye eggs with different colours and then paint on them different ornaments. They look very attractive afterwards. We have yellow, violet, green eggs. My friends also like them very much so I have to paint some eggs for them too. I congratulate everyone on the upcoming Easter.”
Mariam, Painter, 29

“To tell you the truth, I have no special tradition for the holiday, I behave as [and average] Christian.”
Ninuki, Student, 20

“My family and I usually go to [our] region with my parents and we celebrate Easter there. I do not know if there are some special traditions for that day.”
Sandro, Economist, 36

“Traditionally, I spend the holiday with my family. Nothing special, we prepare as any other ordinary family in Georgia.”
Tako, translator, 23

“I go back to my village in Guria in western Georgia every year. This year won’t be the exception either. As everyone does, traditionally we go to the cemetary and pay tribute to our ansestors. With paska, red eggs, red or white wine together with traditional food, we lay out a Georgian supra. Children, sometimes the elderly, go around places and crack the eggs. The person who cracks the other party’s eggs get them all. I think it’s silly but anyway, we are used to it traditionally. Anyway, Gurians at least do it this way... Also we visit our relatives as it is the best time to do so as are many of them are returning to their villages at this time.”
Koka, Business journalist, 24

“Usually I go to church on Saturday evening and attend an Easter prayer. Nothing special.”
Mariam, Law Student, 20

“I try hard to attend all the church services during this week because it is the most important week for every Orthodox Christian. On Friday I usually paint eggs, buy paska and prepare for the Saturday sermon – I want to receive the Eucharist with my husband for the first time in my life and spend Sunday with my family.”
Anna, Manager, 29

“It is a family holiday. We celebrate in very warm atmosphere, with painted eggs, Easter cake, and red wine.”
Iliko, Graphic designer, 30