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What type of literature do you prefer to read? Do you prefer to read print or e-book?

Tuesday, April 17
“I absolutely love to read! My favourite is the genre of science fiction and I have a lot of books in that genre. Generally, I prefer to read print versions, but e-books are more available for me in this specific genre. So I read in both versions.”
Sandro, student, 18

“I love to read business, economy and marketing books. I have several of them in print versions, but mostly I prefer e –books, besides I have subscribed to plenty of articles and newsletters from leading business magazines and newspapers, so e-books are mostly preferable for me.”
Nika, manager, 34

“I used to read a lot more books than I do now. Now I read more online. To tell you the truth print books are very expensive, especially if a client wants a good quality copy. Last week my friend and I wanted to buy a book for a gift and prices had significantly increased than in previous years. Generally, I like political science and its related stories. I am fond of the books about the World Leaders and the most important facts that changed the World.”
Tamar, English Language Specialist, 42

“I read in print. Mostly English language novels, but if I want to look through some stories which I have read before, I read parts online. I think both ways are good. I wish I had an IPad.”
Sophio, Journalist, 24

“I mainly read scientific literature online, but from time to time I also visit libraries to find information from old papers.”
Nikoloz, Engineer, 28

“Generally I read both e-books and print ones but I prefer reading online through e-readers, such as Kindle. I have read almost every book from my home library and now it's time for electronic books. There are so many modern books online that I feel I have access to the top of the literature news.”
Iako, Reporter, 21

“The last three books I read were on the internet, it is free and pretty convenient. I also find e-books easier to read, I do not know why."
Misha, IT specialist 32