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Does high price on fuel influence on your family budget? Would you replace car with public transport for reducing expenses?

Friday, April 20
“High price on fuel is one of the factors because of what I’m not buying a car. half of my salary would go on loan, the second half would go on fuel…”
Revaz, employed, 21

“It has negatively definitely affected the family budget but I will not move to the public transport – I will simply change fuel on gas.”
Erekle, Economist, 27

“It would be hard to move form a car to the public transport because it is such a tension in buses and metro that I’m already unused form that services, but the constantly increasing prices are really harmful for me.”
Khatuna, Designer, 39

“It definitely influences on my budget.”
Irakli , Editor , 27

"Fortunately, my job covers my fuel prices and that is why I am driving car nowadays. But i understand very well how hard is to pay such extremely high price everyday, especially for those who have long distance to cover daily. This is one of the reasons that many cars are on gas now which is pretty dangerous."
Marika, manager, 38

“I have no car , however when the fuel price increases it make influence on everything , on products price and so on . as for public transport , I have to use it and on its side it is very expensive too…”
Anna , journalist , 35

Well, of course it makes influence , those sum which might be spend on private or family interest is being spent in fuel . the reason of this is monopolistic situation in the state , inexistence of real anti monopoly service and is based on political and business ambitions . The price of fuel has regulated abroad , when it still remains too high in Georgia .”
Giorgi , Student , 20