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Monday, April 23
Patriarch: More miracles coming to Georgia

There will be a lot more miracles for Georgia sent by God, Catholicos Patriarch of Georgia Ilia II declared at his Easter Octave Sunday service.

“God will send a miracle when the nation or a person is in need. You see a cross in the middle of the temple that was made by King Mirian and Queen Nana and St. Nino. This is the biggest sanctity for Georgia. The cross was on Tkhota Mountain – a place where King Mirian was totally blinded on the day of St. Ilia the prophet and God gave him power to acknowledge the truth. This is Tkhota cross – the greatest sanctity with great power not only for us but the whole world. This cross was kept in the museum for the last time and was given to us for the nation to pray,” the Patriarch declared.

He also stated that an individual must have a strong belief and not be afraid of trouble, as peace will come. Georgia will flourish, he claimed, as it has been faithfully worshiping God for the past 20 centuries.

Ilia II blessed children with leukemia and ten Georgian surnames at the end of his sermon. He also distributed scholarships to deserving students.

Radisson construction begins in Tsinandali

Construction of a new Radisson hotel began in Tsinandali, Kakheti this weekend. The hotel is being built by the Silk-Road Group, and the architect is John Fotiadis, from the Trump Corporation. The hotel is due to open next year.

It will be a four-storey hotel with 100 rooms, designed in a traditional Georgian style. At the same time, an old wine factory will be rehabilitated, with wine cellars returned to their original design.
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Drug lecture for TSU students

The First Deputy Prosecutor of Georgia, Davit Sakvarelidze, delivered a lecture and answered questions about the government's anti-drug campaign to the students of Tbilisi State University Sunday, outlining the nation-wide project, which includes campaign and construction of rehabilitation centres.

The chief of the Ministry of Justice Administration Department also spoke with students, introducing the youth diversion and medication project and a new system of alternative punishment.
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CDM invites Ukrainian opposition party leader to Georgia

The Christian Democratic Movement (CDM) of Georgia has invited the leader of a Ukrainian opposition party, Udar Vitali Klichko, to Georgia. Klichko held meetings with lawmakers during his visit, and delivered a report to Parliament.

At a meeting with CDM representatives, the Ukrainian opposition leader discussed cooperation between the parties.

He also visited Georgia's regions and familiarized himself with the innovations carried out by the Georgian government. The opposition leader plans to discuss his impressions with his Ukrainian colleagues.
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Family, police searching for a missing man

Family and police are searching for a 37-year-old man missing since April 18.

Elguja Zhghenti left his home four days ago and has not returned. He suffers from autism and has reduced ability to contact people. Police have released photos of the missing man, asking anyone who has seen him to report to police.
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Medical screening rooms to be opened in all prisons

Medical screening rooms will be opened in every prison in Georgia, according to the Minister of Health, Labour and Social Affairs Zurab Tchiaberashvili and the Minister of Corrections and Legal Assistance Khatuna Kalmakhelidze, who signed a memorandum today. The project will opening screening centres in prisons, enabling medical personnel to find diseases in convicts at an early phase and provide timely treatment.

A similar pilot project is already in place at two prisons and as the Minister of Corrections said, they have been very effective. The government hopes to open these screening rooms in all prisons by the end of the year.
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Vice PM delivers lecture at Kiev Institute of Law

Vice Prime Minister of Georgia and Minister for Euro-Atlantic Integration, Giorgi Baramidze, delivered a lecture at Kiev's Institute of Law about the successful reforms carried out by the Georgian government.

The audience expressed interest in how Georgia was able to combat corruption and join the European family in a very short period of time.

During his visit to Ukraine, Baramidze held a meeting with the Minister of Trade and Economics of Ukraine and the deputy chairperson of the government party. The issues discussed at the meeting included the enhancement of Georgia-Ukraine relations, a peaceful solution to the Georgia-Russia conflict, and the repatriation of IDPs from Georgia's breakaway territories.
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