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Do you believe the reforms carried out in Georgia under the current leadership may be taken as a model for other countries?

Monday, April 23
“I don’t think something special is going on in Georgia these days. Can we consider new buildings as a precondition for development and success? Has anyone ever looked inside the renovated facades in the capital? If not, let the international community become interested in how the Georgian government spends time hiring lobbyists around the world when the poor Georgian people suffer from hunger and cold.”
Lika, Housewife, 49

“I welcome the Georgian government’s attempt to attract new investors for more economic prosperity but I don’t think we have special reforms – Georgia, on the contrary, is studying the example of the developed world.”
Guka, Doctor, 27

“As a Georgian, I fully welcome Georgia’s success but I think it looks more like a game to destroy and build everything and claim that you want to be like Singapore. It’s just funny and I don’t want my country to be fun for others – but just a young state struggling for freedom.”
Elene, Musician, 39

"Well, I partially agree. There are reforms I like, for example, fighting [crime], the united national exams..."
Rezo, Bank employee, 21

"The only reform that can be taken as a model might be in combating corruption; however, this one has its shortcomings as well."
Shota, Student, 21

"No, those reforms should not be taken as a model, as each one has serious shortcomings."
Zaza, Employed, 36

"I don't think they might be used as a model, as the main reason for each reform should be making positive effects and being profitable for the public. If the public has to live in bad conditions, it means that the reforms are useless. There were some reforms, like the police one, which could be regarded as positive, however, in an undemocratic state such reforms are less effective."
Giorgi, Student, 20