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Do you think graduates of foreign schools are more respected and in-demand in the Georgian job market?

Tuesday, April 24
“I think that yes, as the quality of education in abroad is higher compared to Georgia.”
Nino, Language specialist, 23

“I think yes, however I cannot name some concrete reason why… I think that there are many reasons a foreign education is more appreciated than a local one."
Rezo, MA student, 21

“Unfortunately, this is true and it is the reason for the Georgian society's lack of erudition and intellect. They think that if someone received education abroad [they are] better, however in many cases they graduate such institutes or education centres that do not give a high quality education. It is important at which university they got their knowledge."
Rusa, Journalist, 30

"I don't think they are more respected or in-demand in the Georgian job market, because I know many students who graduated from Georgian universities and still got a good job. It depends how determined a person is to find his/her dream job. Of course, having finished school in a foreign country may give you some extra points. But you still need to have some experiance in your field of education, as all job good job offers demand at least 3-4 years of experiance."
Leka, Journalism student, 23

“Yes, of course because Georgian employers think that if you have received [your] education abroad you are automatically smart and qualified.”
Magda, Tour Operator, 29

“It’s tendency in Georgia when a so-called Western education is associated with experience. Such people are more welcome to jobs even if their competitors for the same vacancy are highly-educated Georgians even from Tbilisi State University.”
Tornike, PR Manager, 25

“When it comes to certain positions in finance, government institutions and so on, foreign educated specialists have a huge advantage against graduates from a local university."
Tengo, Auditor, 30

“Indeed, Western graduates are more educated and more skillful, and therefore more in-demand and respected. They however face another problem in terms of job opportunities – in low positions companies do not hire them, and for high and good positions, it is difficult to become employed due to a lack of appropriate connections."
George, Lawyer, 26