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Do you think people respect different ethnic and religious minorities in Georgia?

Wednesday, April 25
“Personally, I respect all kinds of minorities and think that they should not be oppressed by the people in the majority. We have a right to choose the way we want. As for ethnic minorities, I do not understand why people have such problems in the 21st century with the way of globalisation. To my mind, Georgia more or less respects ethnic and religious minorities but I cannot say the same thing for sexual minorities for instance.”
Maka, Sales Manager, 29

“We respect minorities but it is true that sometimes we make xenophobic statements regarding others, so sometimes it happens. But our country, its leadership, and most of the people respect them.”
Iza, Teacher, 41

“We've never oppressed them - in that sense, yes.”
Gizo, Geologist, 32

“I support the idea to have no minorities in the country. Why? Because it is always the reason for confrontation. I am Georgian, I am Christian and I do not like constructing mosques in the country, I do not like their language and the desire to integrate in our society completely. I think Georgians should settle in Akhalkalaki, in Akaltsikhe, in Bolnisi where we are in the minority. If you visit Akhalkalaki, for example, you will hardly find anything with Georgian inscriptions.”
Tamar, housewife, 57

“The majority of people in Georgia do not respect any other religion or ethnic groups other than Georgian."
Vladimir, IT specialist, 39

“I think the Georgian people have different kinds of interrelations with different national minorities, but as a whole I think Georgian people mostly respect all of them.”
Nikoloz, Architect, 36

"No, no and once more no. Remember what happened when the Law of Religious Equality was passed? Religion in Georgia will never be tolerated as it is in Europe, I mean minorities, because there is no secular state. "
Rezo, MA student, 22

“Mostly Georgians do respect minorities, though there are exceptions…”
Tako, Translator, 23