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Do you think media monitoring will prompt Georgian media outlets to cover pre election period in balanced and impartial way?

Thursday, April 26
“ I think that media monitoring will really have a positive effect and the media environment will improve in the state .”
Natia , Facilitator , 31

"I am sure it will definitely have an influence on Georgian media outlets. If international observers will be charged in this issue our press or TV channels will cover not only elections but social and other political issues in balanced way."
Mariam, student, 19

“Well, I think that yes…”
Ninuki , Student , 21

“I do not think the pro-governmental channels will become impartial… even though they are monitored. They will talk about ruling party and opposition in different lights.”
Nika, IT specialist 28.

“Maybe in terms of time if will be evenly distributed among political parties, however, I believe that anti-opposition propaganda will continue,”
Tina, PR specialist, 33

“It might have a positive impact, just depends how strictly they will be pressed by International organizations and monitoring agencies.
Nodar, lawyer, 25

I think that no, as there is no free media , free TV media in Georgia, there are two radical sides . one, those always trying to play governmental game and the others , few ones , supporters of opposition …”
Levan Student, 21