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Do you think the number of drug addicts has decreased in Georgia?

Friday, April 27
“I think the number of drug-related crimes have decreased, because people have finally realized how dangerous it is to play with your health. I know lots of people who have suffered a lot from this disease but have managed to overcome their addiction with their family’s support.”
Nikoloz, Architect, 29

“Yes, I definitely think so and it is very much because of the social development. I mean, the 21st century has brought new values and the young generation lead a healthy lifestyle compared with the 1990s.”
Tamta, Translator, 24

“The new government has promoted different values after the Rose Revolution. Some addicts died of their addictions, others were sent to prison under a criminal sentence, and those who were lucky went to monasteries and dropped their habit. But the state anti-drug policy has definitely plaid an initial role in dealing with drug-related problems.”
Magda, Tour Operator, 35

"I think that the number of drug addicts really decreased in the last several years."
Maia, Nurse, 45

"What decrease? Parks are still full of [needles]."
Bachana, Student, 22

"I do not think that reforms or actions have been carried out in the state concerning the problem, I think that the number of drug addicts is still high, however they cannot move as freely as before due to the police."
Nana, Student, 21

“Yes, I think so… few addicts remain in [my] neighbourhood.”
Goga, Entrepreneur, 32