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Do you think the police are more popular than political parties in Georgia?

Monday, April 30
"No, stating that the police are popular is the merit of that PR stunt permanently carried out in the country. People are frightened by the regime, that is true, that is why when they are asked about such issues they do not respond with the truth. The patrol police more or less are acting correctly compared to some other police structures, which have turned into punishment instruments in the authorities' hands.”
Zviad, Employed, 31

“I think that the police are really more popular than the political parties.”
Natia, Student, 20

“I think not... How, in a normal country, can the police be popular? Especially in the current Georgian political reality…”
Levan, Student, 21

“I would say neither of them is popular. The police are very much politicized in Georgia, which is too bad, but the political parties are simply confused about which leader to support. I think if police [officers] would start realizing that they are actually funded by the people not the state and that the state consists of ordinary citizens, they would have backed up the people so that no politician would ever influence any decision making process in this country.”
Nikoloz, Geologist, 47

“I doubt it is true – I think that Minister Merabishvili has exaggerated the figures during the government hour last week. If police were really 87% popular, [more] than even the ruling party, it would be more responsible to the people. The political parties also have their supporters and it’s hard to compare them.”
Elene, Writer, 38