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Do you agree that the current Georgian media landscape is better in comparison to previous years?

Wednesday, May 2
“Not significantly, but I think there are some changes for the better. I welcome the opening of TV channels, establishment of newspapers and magazines. It will create a better environment in the media field in Georgia, so people will have a choice what to read and what to watch according to his/her interest.”
Mariam, Student, 21

“No. The situation in media gets worse in Georgia almost every year.”
Temo, Journalist, 25

“I do not think so, the situation in media has not changed to a positive [one].”
Irakli, Editor-in-Chief, 27

“Well, if we compare the media situation now and in the Soviet Union of course it is much better, but in general I do not think that we have poor conditions in this sector. We have a number of sources of information, which cover all things happening in the country, so I am satisfied how our television [networks] or newspapers are working. There are a number of TV shows, news programs and we can get all the information, bad or new.”
Maia, Housewife, 54

“No, I do not agree. I think that the media will never be independent, it happens in almost all states, the media is always ruled by some forces – especially it can be said regarding Georgia.”
Rita, Language Specialist, 24

“Our media consists of unprofessional journalists and it is a major drawback of the media sector in this country. It resists developing this field and this is a pity, because society needs professional journalists and reporters whom we can rely on. I think this should be paid much attention.”
Giorgi, Manager, 36

“I think the media has become more confused in recent years. I mean, there are limits to almost everything – media has become biased and no equal rules are offered to individual actors. Our daily news programs can prove the problems with accessibility of information and freedom of expression.”
Nia, Manager, 37

“It is hard to call it a reality because unfortunately our media managers are very much biased and their editorial policies are more politicized than, for example, they were during Eduard Shevardnadze’s governance.”
Tornike, PR Manager, 24