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GDRI suggests new local self-governance model

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, May 3
On Tuesday, the Georgian Development Research Institute (GDRI) presented a new format for local self-governance. The presentation discussed the current system in Georgia and suggested a new model, in which reflects both international experience and local traditions.

GDRI found that the current system of self-governance is politicised, and instead of governing its leaders are pre-occupied with partisan interests. The current format also excludes broad participation of the local population in solving their own problems.

The Institute recommended a decentralization of the system, freeing it from political influence and giving ordinary citizens a chance to actively participate in government.

GDRI's research was prepared by Konstantin Kandelaki, David Losaberidze, Irakli Melashvili, and Tengis Shergilashvili. Representatives of other NGOs, international organizations, the diplomatic corps, political parties and the media attended the discussion.

Swiss Ambassador to Georgia HE Guenther Baechler noted how important this issue is to civil society, with regards to the democratic future of Georgia.