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Do you think door-to-door campaigning will ensure that the voters list will be accurate?

Thursday, May 3
"Theoretically it should, but the people who answer the doors may be as unreliable as the people who have compiled previous lists. They may also be scared of who they are talking to."
Slava, consultant, 49

“No, it's been done for ages here, but nothing changed, I think.”
Rezo, MA Student, 22

“I don’t think it will ensure [it], but it may be helpful in defining the exact number of people identified according to their addresses.”
Ruska, Pianist, 26

“It depends which force is controlling the process. In this regard, I think that the government is running [it], and there are not those one can rely on.”
Avtandil, Economist, 27

“No, only biometric IDs can work in this direction and ensure genuine voters’ lists.”
Magda, Journalist, 36

“No, absolutely. [Representatives] from this campaign visited me and registered only two out of four family members living abroad. They felt somehow reluctant to fill the form. These girls were from my district, and they did not even graduate high school.”
Gregory, Graphic Designer, 30

“It is another money-wasting/making commission, which will be as efficient as the commissions in previous years. Biometric ID elections should be held in Georgia, otherwise it is impossible to held a fair elections."
Liana, Auditor, 34

“Maybe it will make the list relatively accurate, however I still doubt how accurate will it be. I do not trust any commissions whatsoever.”
Tengo, IT specialist, 40