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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Friday, May 4
“Fake” sour cream for sale in Georgian markets

A project called "Users control the quality of food products” performed a study that found that sour cream sold in Georgian stores frequently do not live up to the phrase “natural product” as claimed on their packaged. The products usually do not contain, or only contains a small amount of milk fat, Rezonansi reports.

The charge was made against Kobuleti, Crystal, and Eco-Food brands sour cream. Eter Sarjveladze, a food expert, found that Eco-Food has a fat content of 16%, Crystal has 16.5% and Kobuleti has 24.5% - but none came from milkfat. According to the laboratory, the milk fat content of each product is zero.

“Food needs constant control,” Sarjveladze said. “We are dealing with a gross falsification which is a great harm to the health of the consumer; furthermore, children are eating this product. You can not be poisoned by the food-making process, but it accumulates over time and can be harmful for health”.

Pop singer may appear on UNM election list

Alia reports that the United National Movement (UNM) hopes to win the election in the Isani district of Tbilisi with popular singer Lela Tsurtsumia as a candidate. This information was first reported by news agency Pirweli, based on a “trusted source”. No official announcements have been made about replacing current representative Eka Kherkheulidze with Tsurtsumia.

Reportedly, by May 26 the UNM will have a concrete list of candidates. However, no party members have commented on their election list.

Lela Tsurtsumia is currently appearing on Dancing with the Stars and was unavailable for comment.