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What percentage of the Georgian population supports the United National Movement?

Friday, May 4
“Well, it is difficult for me to say, as the National Movement has many supporters and many opponents at the same time.”
Rita, Translator, 23

“I think its approximate percentage will be from 20-25%. People are frustrated with their behavior or attitude towards society. Personally, I will not vote for them because they never fulfill the promises given to us during previous elections.”
Mzia, Housewife, 45

“I think nearly 52%.”
Rezo, Bank employee, 22

“I do not know how many but they will have the highest [share] compared to other political parties. I am very satisfied with their activities and think that what the National Movement and its leader has done none of the authorities of Georgia has done so much. I really appreciate their effort to turn Georgia into a European state.”
Natalia, Sales manager, 30

“I think the public is divided in two parts – one 50% supporting the ruling party and the second 50% trying to gather around Bidzina Ivanishvili’s Georgian Dream.”
Nikoloz, Geologist, 31

“It is really difficult to guess who supports whom in our country because people are scared of expressing their opinions freely. Even if the number of real UNM supporters is low the prisoners, teachers, students can be easily biased. So the total amount of voters from this point of view can reach 70-80%.”
Irina, PR Manager, 26

“Approximately 300 000 people are their real supporters from my point of view which is approximately 10 % of the entire Georgian population.”
Tornike, Economist, 24

“I think nearly 23%, or less. I am not sure but my friends and me are a bit disappointed about the increased price for education at almost all universities. OK, they say we will finance students who will get a grant but the number of such students is very low and the majority of us are dependent on our families. That is why I think the government, President and Parliament should be changed. The situation is getting unbearable.”
Levan, Student, 21