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What is your opinion of the Georgian police?

Monday, May 7
“I think it used to be better a few years ago. They were somewhat liberal with drivers. Now they are too strict. Plus, the main problem is that the police are politicized.”
Davit, Musician, 25

“The police are fine I think. The crime rate has decreased significantly, and [there is] no bribery among them.”
Nino, PR specialist, 30

“I think Georgian police doesn’t differ from any other police in the world, on the contrary ours still have lots of things to learn from their European colleagues. Georgia is such a small country that people easily create images from different professions, so I think if all of us would do his or her job our country would be a much better place to live.”
Aleksi, Economist, 24

“I may seem too rude but they are ordinary slaves, trying to overcome their slavery by torturing other citizens.”
Nikoloz, Geologist, 44

“I trust them and feel safe when the patrol is around.”
Lali, MA student, 23

“I have nothing against the patrol police as I think they do their job very well, but what about those people who are sitting in jail without committing crimes or insignificant crimes compared with their sentence? What about political prisoners? Many people are illegally detained and when high officials talk about reforms, they should remember that they are not always successful.”
Guram, Economist, 53

“I really appreciate the way our police force has developed. They are quite polite and always ready to help people. However, I think their popularity may be decreased if they take part in dispersing rallies or meetings which is quite often the case in Georgia. We have faced similar cases in previous years and sometimes the police’s attitude toward peaceful demonstrators and ordinary people is quite brutal.”
Davit, Student, 20