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What do you think of the constitutional change that grants some EU citizens the right to participate in elections?

Tuesday, May 8
To tell you the truth, I do not support foreigners being a member of our Parliament, as he/she does not have cultural competence. And if he/she has not lived in Georgia for a long time he does not know the existing situation and it will take to him a long time to be adopt policy and react adequately.
Sopo, Translator, 24

I approve this change. I do not think that such changes to the law might cause any serious complications.
Tako, Employed, 23

I positively assess the decision, because this is about the current Georgian political reality and will create a more competitive election battle.
Revaz, Bank employee, 22

If, thanks to this decision, Ivanishvili will find himself [eligible for] Parliament, I positively assess it.
Anna, Journalist, 35

I think it would be much easier to directly grant Georgian citizenship to Ivanishvili to enable him to participate in the elections. What the government did is nothing but torture of the Georgian Constitution.
Sandro, Lawyer, 23

Why should EU citizens participate in Georgian elections? Why did the government not think about US citizens or Chinese citizens? It is clear that these changes were about Ivanishvili."
Nino, Project manager, 27

I think it's total nonsense and irritating for the local population. Why should a foreigner define the fate of my country I wonder? But when even local politicians dont care about ordinary citizens probably the foreigners would at least be thoughtful before they vote for absurd laws.
Nino, Dentist, 29

It seems like a new extraordinary step from our smart lawmakers made for democracy actually Im just kidding because I cant find any sense in making such decisions. What should a foreigner do with Georgian laws I just wonder.
Ilia, Lawyer, 34